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Below, you'll find a compilation of all album reviews done by local KIOS jazz and blues staff.

Last Call CD Review: The Bad Plus / Made Possible / E One Records


A band well known for their fearless re-arrangements of pop classics into unpredictable jazz explorations, The Bad Plus have returned with a program that might surprise longtime listeners. The date is more accessible, more melodic than many previous Bad Plus recordings. The trio is comprised of Reid Anderson on bass, synthesizers and electronics, Ethan Iverson on piano and David King on drums.
The band comes out swinging on "Seven Minute Maid". It's solid work from pianist Iverson..very approachable & modern. The tension builds with "Re-elect that". Dave King's drums build an unsettled tension which is suddenly climaxed by Anderson cutting in with a synthesizer keyboard, with a dated 80s' sound. "Wolf Out" raises the ante with more insistent piano from Iverson. The trio continues to open up the shifting rhythmic envelope almost every minute. Veering away from unpredictability the band presents a surprising straight ahead romp on "I Want to Feel Good Part 2". The trio then settles in for the 15 minute plus "In Stitches" which is one of their most ambitious works presented to date.   Gently coaxing the melody to slowly develop, the number eventually starts to build in tension to a stirring climax, which gently resolves itself. A truly mature piece and one of the finest records overall from The Bad Plus. The trio will return to Omaha in 2013 for another performance at the 1200 Club.

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