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Jazz Junction Review: DAVID GIBSON – BOOM! - Positone Records

Trombonist David Gibson delivers a solid post-bop session that adds further affirmation to the vibrancy of the current jazz scene on his sixth release as a leader. This is no-nonsense, straight ahead music in a program of mostly original compositions. The instrumental setting is a quintet with the fine trumpet player Josh Evans and rhythm section comprised of Theo Hill playing piano, Alex Claffy at the bass and Kush Abadey at the drums. The group has been performing in NYC clubs and exhibits the mature spark of innovative players with exhilarating interplay and solo efforts.

A Thelonious Monk International Trombone Competition finalist (2003), Gibson has performed with Slide Hampton, Jimmy Heath and James Moody among other jazz greats. He possesses a sound reminiscent of J.J. Johnson with a clear, euphonious tone whether burning on up-tempo numbers or upon more laid back settings. Trumpeter Evans, as with Joshua Bruneau, is one of the remarkable up-and-comers on the instrument with a bright sound and formidable chops. The rhythm section is integral to the proceedings with pianist Hill's exciting solos, bassist Claffy's crisp notes and drummer Abadey's resourceful drum set work providing substantive embellishments throughout.

Gibson's compositions are all engaging: “The High Road” with its modal feel and tight contrast of trombone and trumpet, the groove oriented number “Grass Fed” that has Hill rendering an entrancing solo at the electric piano followed by probing solos from the horns, the unrestrained burner “Eyes of Argus” that leaves a trail of smoke in its wake and the pensive “Empathy” that has the group working in a more subdued setting. As with the other albums we've explored, these sessions are not indulgent star trips for a leader, rather interactive ensembles that display immense talents in uniquely fabricated and remarkably cohesive contexts.

Personnel: David Gibson - trombone; Josh Evans - trumpet; Theo Hill - piano; Alex Claffy - bass; Kush Abadey - drums.

Tracks: The High Road; Rare Truth; Grass Fed; Eyes Of Argus; Persephone; Empathy; Boom!; The Dance; The Cup Bearers; Change The World

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