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Below, you'll find a compilation of all album reviews done by local KIOS jazz and blues staff.

Last Call Review: Richie Goods & The Goods Project/My Left Hand Man/Independent Release

Bassist Richie Goods, a bandleader, total professional on the bass, and producer, has recently released My Left Hand Man. It's a tribute to Mulgrew Miller, and a reference to how Miller referred to Goods as his "left hand man"-comparing his role as a bassist to the role of the left hand which plays bass lines on the piano.

The session itself is hard to resist, and flows together perfectly. Goods features songs composed by Miller with the exception of one song, "The Left Hand Man", that the bassist wrote. Highlights of the date include the animated opener of "Eastern Joy Dance" that prominently features Goods on the upright bass. There is also the relentless energy of "Know Wonder" that easily recalls Return to Forever's best 1970s recordings. And on "Farewell to Dogma" Gregoire Maret contributes his mastery of the harmonica to this mesmerizing tune. The session closes with a spirited performance of a Mulgrew Miller original, "The Sequel".

Mulgrew Miller was a great pianist, composer, bandleader and educator who was a mentor to many jazz students and young players. Richie Goods was one of them, and he recorded and performed with Mulgrew Miller for nine years. Goods has gone on to work with many of the luminaries of today's Jazz scene including Russell Malone, Louis Hayes, Lenny White, the Manhattan Transfer, the Cannonball Adderley Legacy Band and many more. In addition, Goods is a total professional on the upright and electric bass, and has been leading his own band and creating a series of compelling recordings including this latest project.

Richie Goods, on electric and acoustic bass, is joined by Lil John Roberts on drums, Shedrick Mitchell and Mike King on piano and keyboards, Tariqh Akoni and David Rosenthal on guitars, Gregoire Maret on harmonica on "Farewell to Dogma", and others.  

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Chris Cooke has been a voice on public radio in Omaha since 1989. Working at KVNO-FM during college, Cooke hosted a weekend progressive jazz show on the station in addition to working as an on-air announcer. In November 1992, Cooke signed on at KIOS-FM and has been there ever since. He has hosted the Tuesday and Thursday editions of Jazz in the Afternoon since 1996 and has hosted Last Call since that year. A long time fan of jazz music, Cooke enjoys talking with the musicians who make jazz music and presenting those conversations with listeners. When not hosting or listening to jazz, on record or in person, Cooke maintains a busy schedule as a self-employed web design consultant.
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