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Courtney Bierman


Courtney is back in her hometown after graduating from the University of Kansas in 2019 with degrees in journalism and film.  While at KU, she was the arts and culture editor of the University Daily Kansan and had a summer internship at KCUR, Kansas City's NPR member station.  She has three pet rats and has seen almost every Audrey Hepburn movie.

Courtney hosts "Morning Edition" and "The Takeaway" part-time and does stories about Omaha's thriving arts scene. When she's not at KIOS, she's probably watching movies and dreaming of the day when she can go to Film Streams again. 

She is grateful she has parents who made her listen to NPR on the way to and from school every day.

Riverside Chats is a series of conversations exploring Midwest culture, from art to politics and everything in between. Each Monday at noon, hear an in-depth conversation hosted by Tom Knoblauch, Maria Corpuz, or Michael Griffin with the people making our culture interesting, important, and vibrant. From politicians and businesspeople to filmmakers and artists, Riverside Chats is dedicated to highlighting the fascinating figures right here in the Heartland. Listen on KIOS 91.5 Omaha or on your favorite podcast app.For bookings, contact Courtney Bierman at
Faturday Omaha takes you to the delicious places to eat all around Omaha and elsewhere. Hosts Dave Zorko, Sam Rocha, and TJ dig into a smorgasbord of conversations with the people in the restaurant industry who make tasty creations happen, all with friendship and a sense of humor.Dave "The Optimist and Extrovert" Zorko is an Omaha native who's enjoyed food from Omaha and beyond for a long time. He's always on the lookout for new places to try...and to feature on Faturday Omaha! Dave's been known to mention his dislike of mayo and sour cream (although good aiolis and quality mayos may be granted a pass).Sam "Burger Specialist and Realist" Rocha is the Destroyer of least any in his path. Sam and Dave have been, in his words, "putting the hurt on food together for a long time, way back to 'Burrito Day.'" He's been known to tell it like it is, and is thankful that his voice sounds different than Dave's or TJ's.TJ "Dissertation Scientist" is the best cook in the crew, has the largest vocabulary, and possesses the quantity of research to match. He may sound a lot like Dave, but he isn't. TJ likes to break things down, and while his palate lines up with Dave's quite often, TJ likes his dishes with some spice.So join the Faturday Omaha crew every Saturday at 2 p.m. and tune in if you're hungry!
Lives, hosted by Omaha-based Squishtalks founder Stuart Chittenden is a conversation-based show focused on how to live well physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually across fields and disciplines. Lives tackles the big and noble questions of the human experience in a way that’s both practical and profound. Lives airs on Sunday mornings at 9.