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David Koesters

Producer / Host

David started in broadcasting at his hometown radio station in Holdrege, Nebraska while still in high school. He went on to earn journalism and law degrees from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and has worked for a number of radio and television stations around the United States. He is a big advocate for community media and loves being a part of the local fabric of NPR. He also has a cat.

You can hear David weekday evenings on KIOS, as well as his weekly segments highlighting the library, local history, and local community organizations during Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

  • Learn about Omaha’s awful tunnel and what was just north of that awful tunnel.
  • Join the public library for storytime outside the library featuring stories, creative movement, music, and more. Storytime is geared toward preschoolers, but all ages are welcome, rain or shine. Check out the Omaha Public Library events page to find out more. Also, Angela Fernandez book talks The Bandit Queens by Parini Shroff.
  • Learning about Nebraska Wildlife Rehab during their annual bat release. Nebraska Wildlife Rehab rehabilitates native Nebraska wildlife and migratory birds for return to the wild, preserves and restores native habitats, educates the public about the importance of wildlife and ecosystems, and supports others engaged in similar projects and activities. Over two-thousand people came out to watch bats being released back into the Omaha wild.
  • Omaha Public Library’s Summer Reading Program kicks off this week on June 1st. It is two months of reading activities and library programs throughout the city. All children and teens receive two free books when they register. Check out the Omaha Public Library events page to find out what’s happening at the branch near you. Plus, Nicole Hilder gives a book talk on It Happened One Summer by Tessa Bailey.
  • A brief look at the history of Sokol in Omaha and its gymnastics legacy that lives on in Nebraska. Founded in 1862 in what is now the Czech Republic, Sokol focused on athleticism and physical education with the principle of a strong mind in a sound body. Sokol's influence spread through Eastern Europe and parts of the United States wherever Czech immigrants settled.
  • The Omaha Public Library offers an assortment of materials available for checkout that can be downloaded digitally from home without even stepping into a physical building. Learn about Libby and how you can access e-books and audiobooks no matter where you happen to be. Angela Fernandez also stops by to book talk Why Didn't You Tell Me by Carmen Rita Wong.
  • City Sprouts’ mission is to use urban agriculture as a platform to develop equitable food systems, provide educational opportunities, and build community. They boast being the oldest community garden in the city, and teach Omahans environmentally responsible and sustainable gardening techniques. Plus, chickens are fun.
  • The new Omaha Public Library downtown branch opens May 21st. We tour the new branch at 1401 Jones Street as well as talk to OPL Executive Director Laura Marlane.
  • If you’re interested in beekeeping, or dedicated to the health and vibrancy of honey bees in our area, the Omaha Bee Club is an invaluable resource. The Omaha Bee Club provides education, training, and mentorship throughout the year and across all levels of beekeeper development. It’s also just a great place to meet fellow apiarists.
  • A small Omaha Symphony ensemble will perform music chosen around the themes of either New to the Neighborhood or A World of Folk Songs. The performances will be followed by a storytelling activity with the musicians. Check out the Omaha Public Library events page to find out which branch they will be performing near you. Also, Nicole Hilder stops by to book talk Rules for Visiting by Jessica F Kane.