Emily Chen-Newton


Emily cut her teeth on the backroads of West Virginia, collecting oral histories working with Allegany Mountain Radio, and the The 219 Project. Coming to the world of radio from the world of the stage, Emily performed professionally for more than 5 years before returning to central Appalachia to complete a degree in Neuroscience, Psychology, and Philosophy. Emily harvests a story wherever she goes; be that in the hills of Kentucky, the mountains of West Virginia, on the stage or within the electrical dances between neurons which she studied at her alma mater, Berea College, Berea Kentucky. Driven by a love of science, stories and the power of listening, Emily is happy to be working on the podcast “Made in the Middle” for KIOS, as well as local feature stories within our listening area

Omaha Public Library

  If you google “science podcast”, you’ll get just about 1,010,000,000 results, including podcasts, instructional videos, science blogs, and peer reviewed journals.  We live in an age of free-flowing information with an incredibly curious public ready to ingest the constant feed of information.


Photo Courtesy of Adam Ortega of Omaha Public Radio (KIOS 91.5 FM)

In February of this year, The Global United Methodist Church strengthened their ban on same-gender marriage and LGBTQIA clergy. This stance is reflected in the Methodist Church’s Book of Discipline and was affirmed by the highest court of The Church in April.