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Michael Lyon

Development Director

Michael Lyon is a native of great Britain who immigrated to Los Angeles in 1981. His business background is in banking: residential real estate operations, mergers and acquisitions.  As Director of Fair Lending for the nation's largest thrift, he oversaw the implementation of a $70 million 10-year community reinvestment initiative.

Michael met his wife, an Omaha native, in Los Angeles and they moved to Omaha in 2000. After the move, Michael became involved with real estate investment and sales with over $33 million of inventory sold. But his love for public radio led him into programming and hosting a Sunday morning classical music program from 2000 to 2003 and a natural segue into hosting at KIOS-FM, as local anchor for NPR’s Morning Edition from 2005—2017.

Moving into development and underwriting from hosting was another natural step for Michael. He says his years in the morning anchor's seat and connections with area nonprofits and businesses have given him an unparalleled appreciation for the Omaha community. Michael's aim is to maintain that community connection, working with nonprofit and for profit partners to help establish and support their success through sponsorships on KIOS.

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