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“Cold Blows the Wind”

"Cold Blows the Wind," a new micro-budget independent horror film, opens with a couple on vacation who hit a jogger while driving drunk. From there, their night spirals into a nightmare. As they grapple with whether to help the jogger and risk jail time, they make the worst decision of their lives. Just as they think they've managed the situation, a stranger knocks on their door, setting off a series of supernatural and horrific events.

The film starts on unsure footing, particularly in the direction of the actors. The performances initially feel unrealized, and the cinematography appears too sharp, with outdoor scenes overly lit. However, as the film progresses, the script begins to shine, taking the story to well-trodden areas with a fresh perspective and leading to completely unexpected places.

I grew to love the film's scrappiness and unique voice. Once Jamie Bernadette enters the film as Briar, the performances start to feel more developed and settled into their world. As "Cold Blows the Wind" progresses, Victoria Vertuga delivers moments that transcend the film itself, leading us to some truly dark and emotional beats. The actors seem fully committed to this story, and when it hits, it hits hard.

Each twist the film takes caught me off guard, pulling me further into the rabbit hole that these filmmakers created. "Cold Blows the Wind" is a film that punches above its weight. It's engaging, scary, a little gross, and an overall fun ride.

"Cold Blows the Wind" is now available on VOD.

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Joshua LaBure is a documentary filmmaker, radio producer and podcaster based out of Omaha, Nebraska. His experience includes having directed and produced several short films, two narrative features and two documentary features, with his works featured at the Lone Star Film Festival, The Bureau of Creative Works and other filmmaker showcases. His most recent documentary had a sold-out premiere and received a standing ovation at the Benson Theatre. Furthermore, he founded the Denver Filmmakers Collective, which hosted local filmmaker showcases, has served on jury for major film festivals and has hosted countless film screenings.