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The OPSProud Podcast
More Than Hashtags

"More Than Hashtags - The OPSProud Podcast"
About the Host: Interim Superintendent Matthew Ray 

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  • The experiences our students have shape their journey to success. I have seen students take their first steps into elementary school all the way through their triumphant march across the graduation stage. Every moment in a student's academic career is shaped by the dedication and passion of our educators. DeJana exemplifies resilience and passion as she pursues her dream of culinary school, using her talents to bring joy to others. Diego, a shining star at South High, has not only showcased his technological prowess but also his compassion by designing a mental health app to support others. And then there's Sofia from Central High, whose dedication to various extracurricular activities and her aspiration to pursue a career in community-oriented care highlight her unwavering commitment to making a positive impact. These students shine a light on the remarkable individuals who make up our educational community and the profound impact of their daily efforts. Whether it's a kind word of encouragement, a patient explanation of a difficult concept, or a comforting presence during a challenging time, our teachers and staff are tirelessly building up our students for success. Because it's these small but significant interactions that lay the foundation for the bright futures of our students. Thank you, teachers and staff, for everything you do.
  • For this episode of "More Than Hashtags - The OPS Proud Podcast" Superintendent Matthew Ray interviews 3 seniors who took part in the 2024 Portrait of a Graduate.
  • In this episode Omaha Public School's interim superintendent Matthew Ray talks with students from 3 different Omaha high schools about their recent successes in state and national tournaments for speech, wrestling, and choir.
  • Matthew Ray sits down to chat with students from Benson High School as well as OPS' Chief Operations Officer, Charles Wakefield. This episode dives in to the OPS ambassador program, and the current work being done through the "Environmental Stewardship Plan".
  • For this episode of "More Than Hashtags - The OPSProud Podcast," Interim Superintendent Matthew Ray interviews Daniel King, Lothrop Elementary School's - Assistant Principal. Mr. Ray & Mr. King discuss the OPS Programs Launch & iLead and Mr. Kings experience with OPS. Following that Mr. Ray had the opportunity to sit and talk with Ms. MeLitta Wilson, Principal at Minne Lusa Elementary as well as Assistant Principal Ms. Kari Hubbard. They discuss their incredible work building some of the highest attendance rates in OPS as they focus on the strategic goal to Strive for 95!
  • In this very first episode of "More Than Hashtags - The OPSProud Podcast," Interim Superintendent Matthew Ray is interviewed by Bryan High senior Olivia. Mr. Ray & Olivia talk a bit about Mr. Ray's journey with the Omaha Public Schools for the last 27 years and the Omaha Public Schools Strategic Plan of Action.