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A Conversation About "Bunker" with Jenny Perlin

"Bunker" is truly a unique cinematic experience, delving into the lives of individuals who inhabit and construct bunkers. In an era marked by the ascent of isolationist ideologies, this film provides a nuanced and humane perspective on this subculture, avoiding sensationalism and refraining from reducing its subject matter to mere punchlines. The documentary exudes empathy, genuine care, and authenticity, offering a vision of hope for the future of documentary cinema.

Today on "On Documentary," Joshua LaBure sat down with Jenny Perlin, the insightful director behind this beautiful film.

Joshua LaBure is a documentary filmmaker, radio producer and podcaster based out of Omaha, Nebraska. His experience includes having directed and produced several short films, two narrative features and two documentary features, with his works featured at the Lone Star Film Festival, The Bureau of Creative Works and other filmmaker showcases. His most recent documentary had a sold-out premiere and received a standing ovation at the Benson Theatre. Furthermore, he founded the Denver Filmmakers Collective, which hosted local filmmaker showcases, has served on jury for major film festivals and has hosted countless film screenings.
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