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Senator Nordquist introduces state-based health insurance marketplace

Senator Jeremy Nordquist of Omaha recently introduced LB 835 into the legislature.

The bill would create a state-based Nebraska health insurance marketplace.  Senator Nordquist says under the Affordable Care Act, each state is required to establish a healthcare exchange or the federal government will create one for them. 

Essentially the exchanges are an online marketplace for consumers who don’t have employer-sponsored coverage or don’t qualify for Medicaid.  Senator Nordquist says the exchange is a place where consumers can compare apples to apples when it comes to prices and plan options. 

"Health Insurance Exchange has the power to increase the quality and affordability of health coverage.  It really will promote competition between insurers.  It’ll give small businesses the ability to shop for plans that fit their needs.  It’ll give families the ability to shop for plans that fit their needs and it’s really a transparent, open marketplace.”

Senator Nordquist says the plan has been adopted in Massachusetts and Utah.  He says both states have seen success in getting more people coverage and bringing costs down.