Amplify Arts Hosting 2nd Annual Halloween Event on Oct 18, Exec Dir Andy Saladino Explains

Oct 9, 2019

Amplify Arts is hosting their 2nd annual Halloween fundraiser GRAVE 2 on October 18th.  The event will center around the Costume Clash (a costume contest).   The Costume Clash pairs a local artist with a community leader to collaborate and design the costume, and incorporates an online voting competition... with the winner announced at the event after a quick fashion show.  

Executive Director Andy Saladino, artist and Costume Clash participant Bart Vargas, and his Costume Clash team partner Shonna Dorsey join Mike Hogan for a special edition of "Live & Local" to discuss the mission of Amplify Arts, the name change (formerly known as Omaha Creative Institute), and the fun that can be expected at this fundraiser.

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