Back to School Safety Tips

Aug 22, 2018

As the kids head back to school, Omaha Professional Firefighters Association, Local 385 is reminding everyone in the community about the importance of safety measures.

Trevor Towey, Treasurer of the Omaha Firefighters Union and Captain in the Omaha Fire Department, says he knows both parents and students are excited to be going back to school but he encourages everyone to slow down and start watching out for crosswalks again. 

He says some kids are going to school for the first time this year and aren’t familiar with how to cross the street like they should be, so it’s important for everyone to pay attention. 

Towey says you should also watch out for school buses.

"We haven’t had school buses all summer long so it’s the time again we have to be mindful and watch for the school buses.  And when they’re loading and unloading the children, they’re going to have their stop arm out, so we have to make sure we stop and make sure that all the children are cleared out before any cars proceed.”

Towey says parents and guardians should also remind teens not to text their friends while they’re driving.  He says they need to put their phones down, take it slow and keep an eye out.

And when buying your child a new backpack, Towey says it’s important to choose one that’s the right size, has padded back and shoulder straps and has reflective material.  

With everyone’s help, Towey says kids can enjoy a safe and smart school year.