Back-to-School shopping requires research and patience

Aug 20, 2018

35% of Americans plan to spend up to $250 per child on clothing and supplies for school this year.  That’s according to a survey from

Chelsea Hudson, Shopping Expert for, says the survey polled a cross section of 1,366 adults, aged 18 and older. 

Hudson says 77% of respondents said the way they cut costs for class is to shop sales and deals. 

Before you even go to the store, Hudson advises taking inventory of the supplies you already have on hand to see what you need.

"Many brands like Target, Walmart and the Dollar Store, they present coupons in the local paper to help parents save even more.  If your state participates in tax-free weekends, that’s also a great way to save.  One of the other biggest tips I could give is to shop around.  Many parents make the mistake of going to one store for all of their needs, but we all know that different retailers will provide sales on various items.”

Hudson says back-to-school is a great time to purchase clothes, socks, backpacks and supplies because typically prices are at their lowest. 

She says you may even want to buy extras of these items while they’re on sale to use throughout the school year.

If you’re looking for electronics though, the best time to get tablets and computers is on Black Friday after Thanksgiving. 

Hudson advises holding off on those purchases till then if you can.  More information is available at