Bill would push noncitizens out of Nebraska redistricting

Feb 28, 2018

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — A bill that would remove noncitizens from Nebraska's population total when redrawing legislative districts drew criticism during a hearing, where opponents questioned if it was discriminatory.

Sen. John Murante of Gretna said Tuesday the measure enforces language in the state constitution that lawmakers have failed to follow. He says officials should abide by the constitution and notes that opponents who took issue with the requirement have made no efforts to revise or remove it.

Opponents argue that nonresident status is more complex now than in the past and everyone deserves representation regardless of voting status. Sen. Mike Hilgers of Lincoln says opponents are taking issue with the constitution, not the bill.

Murante says there is strong committee support for the bill. The committee took no action on the bill Tuesday.

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