Film Streams courses continue with "The Comedienne"

Apr 4, 2018

Film Streams started offering film courses about a year ago.  Diana Martinez, Education Director for Film Streams, says the classes give the community a chance to learn more about film.

She says “The Comedienne” is the next course offering.  Martinez says the class is focused on women in comedy from silent film through today. 

She says students will watch selections from film as well as TV shows, including sketch comedy and live standup. 

Martinez studied women comediennes as she was getting her doctorate so she says a course like this was a long time coming.

"This is my expertise. This is what I wrote a dissertation about.  And it’s also really timely, as you can see, all the discussions about inclusivity in Hollywood are really important right now.  Interestingly, comedy has always been a space where women have had more agency over their work; where there have been more women working in that genre, so it’s a really interesting exception to all these conversations we have about how there aren’t many women in the industry.”

“The Comedienne” course takes place Saturdays, April 14th through May 12th from 10-1 at the Dundee Theater cinema.

More information is available at