Fischer: President Obama needs to discuss a clear strategy to fight ISIS

Sep 10, 2014

U.S. Senator Deb Fischer of Nebraska says the largest threat facing the nation right now is ISIS.

President Obama speaks this evening about the U.S. strategy to deal with the terrorist group in Iraq and Syria. Fischer says there are three things she hopes to hear during the President’s speech. One is a clear statement on the threat ISIS poses.

"Second, the president must explain the goal of the mission. What are we trying to achieve? Do we want to degrade ISIL, or do we want to destroy it? And what are the military objectives? And finally, what’s the broader strategy to eliminate ISIL, and what’s the role of our allies? We all know that we need a strong international military, political, and diplomatic effort."

Fischer says ISIS is well-funded and well-organized. She says during a series of town hall meetings during the August work period, she heard many concerns about the terror group. Fischer’s comments came today during her weekly conference call with Nebraska media.

You can hear President Obama’s address Wednesday at 8 pm on KIOS.