"Heat The Streets" Event Registration Closes Feb. 26th, Tracey Christensen and Sara Howard Discuss

Feb 15, 2019

More than half the calls to United Way 211 are seeking help for rent and utilities.  Utilities are a basic need.  The folks at "Heat the Streets Run and Walk for Warmth" want to keep people safe and warm in their homes and make it possible for kids to do homework.  The event raises funds for energy assistance which are dispersed through the 5 Common Fund agencies  More than $580,000 was collecteed and used in 2017.

"Heat the Streets Run and Walk for Warmth" co-chair Sara Howard and committee member Tracey Christensen chat with Mike Hogan "Live & Local" about the event and the three ways poeple can participate.  (In one of the ways, you don't even have to run!!)

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