ICAN 7x7x7 Event Set for Oct 8th, Allison Schorr Zach Discusses on KIOS-FM

Sep 30, 2019

The Institute for Career Advancement Needs (ICAN) is hosting its annual 7x7x7 event on Tuesday, Oct. 8 from 4 – 7 p.m.  This 7x7x7 forum brings together Omaha business leaders for an event featuring seven local leaders with unique, exciting passions and ideas, speaking for seven minutes each on seven different topics.

Senior Manager, Marketing, Communications, and Events Allison Schorr Zach stops by the KIOS-FM studios to chat with Mike Hogan "Live & Local" about the event, ICAN, and how everyone can get involved.

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The line-up of leaders presenting include:

1. Patrick Dees, CEO, WoodmenLife

2. Sarah Waldman, Executive Director, TeamMates Mentoring

3. Mindy Simon, Chief Information Officer, Conagra Brands

4. Buey Ray Tut, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Aqua-Africa

5. Elizebeth Murphy, President, Emspace + Lovgren

6. Nate Dodge, President, NP Dodge

7. Nicole Bianchi, Partner, Bravium HD