An Interview with Billy Childs

Jan 25, 2018

Billy Childs and his band will perform on Friday, January 26th at 8:00pm at the Holland Performing Arts Center in Omaha.

The Grammy award winning pianist, bandleader, and arranger has an effortless command of the instrument. Childs is equally capable of creating lovely, lyrical passages or seemingly setting the keyboard on fire with percussive musical artillery.

He first came to prominence working with Freddie Hubbard in the early 1980s. Since then the pianist has received four Grammy awards, thirteen Grammy nominations, and has worked with such luminaries as Dianne Reeves, Sting, and Yo-Yo Ma among countless others. Childs is also an accomplished composer and leader of large ensembles.

His latest release, Rebirth,  is a thoroughly rewarding album by a modern master of the Jazz piano. Childs and his band hold nothing back in a series of riveting performances. Highlights include the title track, "Dance of Shiva" which is delivered at a relentless pulse,  "The Windmills of Your Mind" which showcases the band on a truly unforgettable interpretation, and "Peace" which showcases Childs at the piano in a sublime performance that closes out the session.

Jazz in the Afternoon host Chris Cooke spoke with Billy Childs recently. In a wide ranging conversation, the acclaimed pianist discussed in detail his early work with jazz legends and Rebirth(Recording Engineer: Mike Hansen).

Billy Childs will perform on Friday, January 26th at 8:00pm at the Holland Performing Arts Center. For more details you may visit