Last Call Pick of the Week: Bill Frisell/Music IS/Okeh

May 21, 2018

Guitarist Bill Frisell is back with another album, and this one is a solo date. Frisell is a one-man band with electric and acoustic guitars, loops, bass, ukulele and music boxes. He roams freely through his influences, which range widely from country, to folk & rock & jazz. The satisfying results will please almost any listener who is interested in sincere guitar artistry. Highlights of disc include "Ron Carter", 'Rambler" and "Pretty Stars". The disc includes 16 tracks that are perfect for solitary listening or in the company of those who appreciate heartfelt music that can't be  in the background.

Guitarist Bill Frisell is well known for his signature guitar style.  Frisell has released a consistent line of satisfying efforts that have alternated from folk to country to jazz and then to blistering rock to  adventuresome cutting edge, all the while keeping the melodic line in mind.  A prolific recording artist, his records have been featured regularly on the Last Call over the years. Notable projects include a recent guest appearance with Charles Lloyd, a tribute to John Lennon, and a recording of futuristic roots music entitled Floratone.  

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