Last Call Review: Bonerama/Plays Zeppelin/Basin Street Records

Oct 5, 2019

Fans of the music of Led Zeppelin might have never imagined that the supergroup's music could have been reimagined for jazz trombone. Amazingly, Bonerama has done it with raise the roof intensity. The band includes Mark Mullins (trombone, electric trombone and lead vocals), Craig Klein (trombone and lead vocals), Greg Hicks (trombone and vocals), Bert Cotton (guitar), Matt Perrine (sousaphone and electric bass) and Walt Lundy (drums and vocals). Together as Bonerama they have toured and recorded for over 20 years. “Plays Zeppelin” may present to some listeners an impossible musical combination of New Orleans music with Led Zeppelin’s legendary rock anthems. However, one listen to the performances of “Good Times Bad Times”, “In My Time Of Dying”, and ‘When The Leeve Breaks”will almost certainly convince you otherwise. In fact the trombone section really knocks it out of the ballpark on “In My Time Of Dying” of the most memorable performances on record in 2018.  A fantastic recording on many levels & worth your attention.