Last Call Review: Frank Macchia's Swamp Thang /

Feb 10, 2012

Sure to warm up even the coldest of winter nights, the latest disc by Frank Macchia is a pleasure.  Swamp Thang presents a band of the same name lead by Grammy Nominated Compser Macchia. Wild groove music with crazy chromatic melodies come together with a dose of Cajun and a dash of humor.   The Swamp Thang band, led by Frank Macchia on saxophone, features  John Rosenberg on piano, organ and keyboards, Ken Rosser and Eric Jensen on electric guitars, Tom Lockett on electric bass and Frank Briggs on drums and percussion. The recording als presents special guests Alex Iles on trombone and the brilliant trumpeter Wayne Bergeron.  Comprised of 12 all new tunes by Frank Macchia,  the result is a groove that is hard to resist, contrasted by blistering guitar & horn work on the title track .