Last Call Review: Lisa B/Reverberant: Poems & Music/Piece of Pie Records

Dec 28, 2019

Lisa B's Reverberant is a rich, insightful recording. This is arguably her finest record to date in a 20-year plus recording and performing career.

From the San Franscisco Bay Area, Lisa Bernstein weaves a compelling series of musical narratives that draw the listener in. Lisa presents spoken & sung vocals and original verse on all of the selections of this new CD, featuring a wide variety of supporting players for her rich, deep, enchanting voice.

She starts the CD with a look back at Billie Holiday for "Billie Goes Home/Lover Man" which presents a compelling presentation of the persona of Lady Day, before easing into the legendary signer's signature tune.

And there are many other highlights to savor. "I Am an Orchestra", originally released earlier this year, features Scott R. Looney on keyboards for a stirring tribute to Cecil Taylor, legendary free jazz pianist and a family friend. Other highlights include "Insulin Shock" which presents the musical retelling of a health crisis and vivid, personal experiences of the Divine on "Listen" and "God No. 2"(Remastered). This is one of the few new and authentic avant-garde vocal CDs of the last decade. Each listening reveals previously undiscovered depths of brilliant artistry and colorful storytelling. Not to be missed!

Lisa Bernstein is an accomplished performance artist, educator and poet.  Her poems have appeared in more than 60 literary magazines and anthologies. In addition, her poetry book “The Transparent Body” was published by the prestigious Wesleyan University Press.  A resident of Oakland, California for more than two decades, her recording from 2018, “I Get A Kick: Cole Porter Reimagined” has many bright moments including a version of  “Night and Day,” which blends Cole Porter's original version of the tune with Lisa's seductive, timeless original spoken verse.


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