In 'Mr. 80 Percent,' An Intimate Portrayal Of Surviving Prostate Cancer 

Sep 25, 2020

The story of a Boston Globe reporter who decided to document his life with prostate cancer via a new – and very personal – podcast.  


Mark Shanahan, entertainment reporter at the Boston Globe. Host of the podcast “Mr. 80 Percent.” (@MarkAShanahan)

Dr. Mark Pomerantz, oncologist at The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Tom Farrington, president and founder of The Prostate Health Education Network.

From The Reading List

Boston Globe: “I knew getting prostate cancer at 48 would change me. I had no idea how much.” — “It’s a Sunday afternoon in June 2012. I need a hot shower and a handful of Advil. I’d been drinking bourbon and dancing at a friend’s wedding until the wee hours, and I’m feeling ragged as I seesaw up to my front door.”

Change Together: “Daddy’s Boys – a new play tackling prostate cancer disparity in African-American men” — “Thought provoking and emotive – a new play is offering up an entertaining way to break the silence surrounding black America’s prostate cancer crisis.”

Today Show: “Prostate cancer warning signs: What doctors say you need to know” — “What are the symptoms for prostate cancer? Here’s the thing — you probably won’t notice any.”

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