Nebraska Chapter of the Alzheimer's Assoc. Selects 2019 "Purple Profiles of Courage" Spokespersons

Jul 19, 2018

The Nebraska Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association recently announced eleven 2019 Purple Profiles of Courage spokespersons for the state. 

According to Elizabeth Chentland, director of communications for the Chapter, each Purple Profiles spokesperson will work to promote the Association’s mission -- to increase awareness of Alzheimer’s and find a cure for the disease.

One of the new Purple Profiles of Courage spokespersons is Collin Warren, whose mother died of younger-onset Alzheimer’s in her late 50’s.  Warren says he and his siblings’ struggle to get their mother diagnosed was a daunting process.  He hopes to increase awareness of this earlier-onset form of the disease and encourages people not to ignore early warning signs.

“My biggest mission through all this is I want people to recognize those earlier onset things that they may be noticing – and not just pass it off.  Daily routines that they would normally have that something just was askew with, and it kind of continues to happen, and more frequently.”

Warren strongly encourages anyone dealing with a loved one with Alzheimer’s to utilize the resources available through the Alzheimer’s Association.   

“You can find everything and anything that you can possibly imagine to help you through this. They’ve got great caregivers; they’ve got great listeners; they’ve got great talkers, and we’re out there for you. We’re there to help anybody that needs to be helped.”

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