A New Electric Transmission Line Will Relieve Congestion, Enhance Security and Advance Wind Energy

Aug 14, 2012

The Midwest Transmission Project is a partnership between OPPD and Kansas City Power & Light to plan and construct a 150-190 mile electric power transmission line from Kansas City to Nebraska City. 

Bill Musgrave, Spokesman for the Midwest Transmission Project, says the line is needed to provide additional redundancy, capacity and security for the nation’s power grid. 

He says an organizing group called the Southwest Power Pool developed the plan.  Musgrave says they looked at things like the nation’s power needs and expected growth in power usage in years to come. 

"Our nation’s energy independence, national security and economic future require a power grid that will meet the demands of a growing population.  So the Midwest Transmission Project will allow us to meet our region’s power needs which are highly important for economic development, education and the quality of life in the Midwest.”

Musgrave says the planning process will be open and transparent.  He says the public will be welcome at all meetings. Questions and comments are welcome here.