Omaha's Dundee Theater to become Film Streams' second venue

Feb 24, 2016

A historic movie theater in Omaha’s Dundee neighborhood will continue on.

The Sherwood Foundation bought the historic Dundee Theater last month, and is donating it to Film Streams.
Credit Alley Poyner Macchietto/Film Streams

Last month, Omaha’s Sherwood Foundation bought the Dundee Theater, which has been closed for more than two years. The Sherwood Foundation donated the theater to Film Streams. They’ll now begin a planning and fundraising process for the multi-million dollar restoration, in hopes of re-opening in two years.

Executive director Rachel Jacobson says Film Streams will be able to expand its offerings.

"We run in to traffic jams with programming all the time. We have so many different films that we play every year. Last year we played 185 programs on just two screens, so we’re really jamming everything in that we can. And there are still lots of independents, documentaries, foreign films that are terrific that are not making it to Omaha."

Jacobson says acquiring the Dundee Theater also means Film Streams can do more with educational and community development programming.

Film Streams hopes to have the theater re-open no later than 2018. Jacobson says she hopes they’ll be able to keep the Dundee name as part of it.