OPS superintendent, Dr. Cheryl Logan, Asks for Community Help to Make Streets Safe for Kids

Feb 26, 2019

OMAHA, Neb. - The snow stopped falling two days ago, but Omaha Public Schools canceled classes and activities on Monday over concern for students traveling to and from school.  Secondary streets in residential neighborhoods aren't the city's priority during and after snow storms, so those roads were still a little slick.

School officials were also concerned for students who walk to school and asked for everyone to pitch in to get them to class and parents don't want their students tempted to walk in the streets to make it to school.

OPS superintendent, Dr. Cheryl Logan was also concerned.  She took to Twitter to enlist the community's help to ensure her students are safe on their walk to school Tuesday.

“Community, I am kindly asking that those who can shovel their sidewalks please do so.  In order to open school tomorrow safely for our walkers we need your help.  High school & middle schoolers - please help a neighbor who may need assistance with their sidewalk. @OmahaPubSchool

Under city code, it is the duty of a homeowner to clear the sidewalk in front of their home within 24 hours after the city declares snow removal is complete on major streets.