Ricketts Apologizes For Offensive Remarks After Online Critique By Omaha Pastor

Jun 4, 2020

Pastor Jarrod Parker (right) as seen in the video he posted online criticizing the Governor's language.

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts apologized after an Omaha pastor accused the governor of using the phrase “you people” during a meeting with local black leaders. Ricketts says he chose his words poorly and apologized when it became apparent that he had caused offense. Pastor Jarrod Parker of St. Mark’s Baptist Church criticized the governor online after he walked out of the meeting. Parker says Ricketts made the comments in a meeting with black leaders about the killing of James Scurlock, a black man who was fatally shot by a white bar owner during the George Floyd protests. Parker says Ricketts used the phrase “the problem I have with you people” during one exchange. After Ricketts apologized, Parker said he doesn't regret making the online video but understands people make mistakes.