Science Cafe focuses on agriculture, livestock, horticulture

Dec 8, 2015

Beef and bees are the focus of UNMC’s latest Science Café.

The event is tonight at The Slowdown in Omaha. Lindsay Chichester, a UNL Extension educator in Saunders County, will talk about livestock, agriculture, and food.

"Some of the things we’re going to talk about are the differences between grass-fed and grain-fed, and what that means, and some of the research behind that. And then we’ll talk a little bit about organic and what really means versus conventionally or normal-raised."

Chichester says she’ll also talk about some misconceptions surrounding how livestock are treated. Natalia Bjorklund, a UNL Extension educator in Dodge County, will present about plants, vegetables, and bees.

The Science Café begins at 7 pm.