Six Feet of Science: Technology Addiction and Tectonic Plates (episode 4)

May 16, 2020

Use this image to help you understand the change and movement of tectonic plates...hint: we like to think of all the layers of the earth like a peanut M&M.
Credit Meredith Billings, Omaha Children's Museum

In this week’s episode, professor Steph Jesseau from the University of Nebraska Omaha answers your questions about technology addiction in this time of digital classrooms and online dance parties. Then the Omaha Children’s Museum’s Meredith Billings explains how the giant plates that make up our earth called tectonic plates, move and grow.

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This podcast features music from The Bed Trio and Collin Smith, with theme music from CulxrHouse.  We thank the Omaha Children’s Museum Kitchen ABCs and Omaha Public Schools for their collaboration on this project.