Those 65 and Older Can Benefit from UNO's Senior Learning Passport

Jun 14, 2018

UNO’s Senior Learning Passport Program allows people 65 and older to sit in on up to two undergraduate courses a semester for a $25.00 yearly fee. 

Matt Schill, Interim Registrar at UNO, says there has to be space available in the class; the instructor has to grant permission, and it cannot be an on-line course.  

“So, obviously, some of our classes fill quickly, and sometimes there is not space available. But the biggest thing we tell folks is if they want to just talk to the instructor first -- most are wonderful about letting them sit in the course. But it kind of gives people an opportunity to try out a course or try out a program before possibly enrolling in a degree-seeking program here at the institution.”

Schill says there are also people seeking the lifelong-learning opportunity taking a college course through the Senior Learning Passport Program provides.  He says the number of enrollees has grown steadily, to nearly 100 per year over the past two years.

For more information, the website is – Search Senior Learning Passport.  The phone number is 402-554-2314.