Tips for Better Hearing

Jun 6, 2018

Hearing loss affects more than 48 million people nationwide. 

Dr. Tony Sun, medical director for UnitedHealthcare of Nebraska, says better hearing is an important aspect of our health. 

Sun has some tips to help individuals reduce the risk of hearing loss.  He says it’s a good idea to limit exposure to loud noises like music or traffic. 

And with the proliferation of cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices, Sun says people need to be aware of how much time they are spending with headphones on or earbuds in and start limiting that time following the 60/60 rule.

"Which means listening no more than 60 minutes at a time at  60% of the device’s volume.  Cutting the volume down and cutting the time to that exposure of those.”

Sun advocates getting your hearing checked regularly by your health professional. 

He says the problem of hearing loss could become even more widespread in coming years.  A study by the World Health Organization indicates more than 1.1 billion young adults worldwide are at risk.  More information is available at