UNMC is offering a doctoral degree in epidemiology

Feb 10, 2012

UNMC is offering a new doctoral degree in epidemiology.

Dr. Dana Loomis, Professor and Chair of Department of Epidemiology, says this is the fifth doctoral program in UNMC’s College of Public Health.  

Dr. Loomis says epidemiology is the basic science of public health, providing knowledge that’s important for all the health disciplines.

It also generates scientific data that helps in decision making across health fields.  Dr. Loomis says it is a broad field that’s not just about investigating disease outbreaks.

"We study everything from infectious diseases from cancer to injuries.  So it’s not just about outbreaks, but also things like risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and for obesity and how to prevent injuries on the farm or at work. We look at many, many different things.”

UNMC’s doctoral degree in epidemiology will be offered at the College of Public Health starting next fall.