UNMC's College of Dentistry holds annual Children's Dental Day

Jan 30, 2018

This Friday, UNMC’s College of Dentistry will host its annual Children’s Dental Day at the college in Lincoln.

Dr. David Brown, Professor in UNMC’s College of Dentistry in Lincoln, says the daylong event provides cleanings, fluoride sealants, restorations, extractions and where necessary, removal of the dental pulp and stainless steel crowns. 

Brown says about 175 kids, ages 3-14, will take part in the day. 

He says the hope is that these kids will get an idea of how to maintain good oral health into their adult years. 

About 100 dental students will provide care under the supervision of faculty.  Brown says the event helps educate students in a variety of ways.

"This provides them an opportunity to give back to society.  And so working side by side with faculty and staff for the common good of children who come here with dental needs, is a real benefit to the students and to faculty as well.  Everyone gets a really good sense of well-being out of this and really wants to provide services.”

Since 2001, the College of Dentistry has treated more than 6,000 children and provided services valued at more than $3 million to low income and underserved children in the state.

For more information, the number is 402-472-1341.