UNMC's Ice Rink is open through early February

Nov 29, 2016

The UNMC ice skating rink opened this past weekend and will remain open through February 5th.

Courtesy of UNMC's Facebook page

Candace Peteler, Campus Events Coordinator at UNMC, says admission includes skate rental.  She says the rink is wedged between the Sorrell Center and UNMC’s College of Nursing. 

The rink will be closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Peteler says the ice rink will only close if the wind-chill is zero degrees or below or there’s an overabundance of snow on the rink.

"So our open hours are Friday and Saturday from Noon to 10 and then Sundays from Noon to 8.  The other days of the week we have intramural sporting activities that take place on the ice rink like broom ball and curling.  And so, between the people on the campus using it and then the public coming out to skate too, it’s definitely becoming a lot more popular.”

More information can be found on the ice rink’s Facebook page, The Ice at UNMC.