Why a caucus? UNO political scientist says it's about party-building

Apr 12, 2012

Nebraska Democrats are preparing to meet this weekend for the state’s second presidential caucus.

The Nebraska Democratic Party held its first caucus in 2008, and selected President Obama as their candidate. Caucuses are an opportunity for registered Democrats to get together, discuss issues, and choose delegates. UNO political science professor Paul Landow says caucuses aren’t about voter turnout, but about party-building.

A caucus can be done several ways, but Landow says the end result is the same: delegates are selected for the county convention. Those delegates, in turn, select delegates for the state and national conventions.

Landow says whether a party chooses to nominate a presidential candidate by caucus or by a primary is a matter of preference.

More information about the Nebraska Democratic caucus, and a caucus site locator, is available at