Winter Weather Calls for Driver Preparation

Dec 14, 2012

The time to prepare for winter driving is now, before the first flakes hit the ground.

Rose White, Public Affairs Director for AAA Nebraska, says it’s important to have your vehicle’s battery inspected. 

She says you should also keep your fuel tank half full at all times during the winter to avoid fuel line freeze ups. 

White says drivers should reduce their speed when road conditions are slick or wet. 

Additionally, motorists should increase their following distance behind other vehicles, both while driving and when they are stopped.

"Many times if the roadways are slick, someone behind you may not be able to stop.  They may rear end your vehicle and if you have a safe margin of distance between you and the vehicle in front of you, it might help to prevent a third car crash and so certainly it’s always advisable to keep an extra couple feet in front of you on those days where the roads are slick or snow-packed.”

White recommends that motorists also keep an emergency kit in their car in case they become stranded.  AAA recommends drivers have a cell phone, boots, gloves, blanket, a heater, flashlight, and reflective triangle. 

Road condition information is available online at