Jazz Junction

Saturdays, 8pm - 11pm
  • Hosted by Rick Erben

Welcome to the Jazz Junction page wherein we would like to inform you about our humble program and give you an idea what you will be hearing on Saturday nights on KIOS-FM. We are here to explore the pure joy of musicianship that constitutes the remarkable, evolving legacy of jazz music.

Today's jazz scene is a vibrant affair as reflected in the amount of high quality recordings that are being issued. As with our other jazz programs here on KIOS-FM, we endeavor to explore these new releases and intersperse this material with tracks from classic jazz sessions and legendary artists. This is surely a bountiful pursuit. At the Jazz Junction, our intent is to provide a pleasing listening atmosphere. You will hear a bit of virtually everything from vintage Nat “King” Cole and Charlie Parker to big bands and jazz orchestras. We endeavor to keep things fluid with a variety of rhythms from minor blues and jazz waltzes through ballads and Latin beats; and to vary the instrumentation and framework. You will hear a lot from the recording sessions that produced so-called classic jazz – those upon the Blue Note, Columbia, Contemporary, Pacific Jazz, Prestige, Riverside and Verve labels among them. Then there is the wealth of new releases from artists who are pushing the music forward; cognizant of a rich tradition and yet reaching toward new boundaries. But one thing is for certain: the music at the Jazz Junction resides firmly in the mainstream and the straight ahead.

I respectfully solicit your eardrums on Saturday nights between 8 and 11pm. It is quite a pleasing opportunity for me to be able to come into the radio station and share a variety of stimulating sounds. Your's truly has been airing jazz for over thirty years; and the Jazz Junction is in its 23rd year. In a sense, the program is a coalescence of the many varied experiences I have had through my lifetime as a jazz listener. Several 50,000 watt clear channel “giants” of broadcasting on the AM band used to air jazz programs – usually late at night or all through the night – and there once were numerous FM stations with a full-time jazz presence. I can clearly recall a number of DJs who enhanced my awareness of jazz music over the years. WRTI's “The Historical Approach to the Positive Music” with the late Harrison Ridley, Jr. was like a laid-back lecture in its depth of information and musical scope. When traveling, I still enjoy tuning in various public radio stations across the land to hear local jazz broadcasts; each with their own style and perspective in choice of music. It is a rather felicitous situation for us to be able to share the good music here at 91.5 FM.

Our Thing at the Jazz Junction is to have a good time on Saturday nights. We generally keep the music up-tempo but turn the burners down every once in awhile for a ballad or some deep blues. So, let's get together beginning at 8pm for three hours that I hope you will enjoy, immersed as they are with the uniquely creative sounds that comprise the positive force of jazz music – yesterday, today and forever (thanks to Shorty Rogers for that phrase).


Updated on Saturday, March 7 at 11:45 a.m. ET

McCoy Tyner, a pianist whose deep resonance, hammering attack and sublime harmonic invention made him a game-changing catalyst in jazz and beyond, died Friday, March 6, at his home in New Jersey. His death was confirmed by his manager. No cause of death was given. He was 81.

An NPR tradition every New Year's Eve since the 1970's, Toast of the Nation is the perfect audio compliment for the occasion. It's festive jazz you can party to, all night long.

This new release from vocalist and pianist Eliane Elias marks the first time she has recorded in her native Brazil since 1981. Incorporating music from three generations of Brazilian composers, Elias has rendered a beautiful album that epitomizes that exquisite quality of Brazilian music to blend the melancholy and the uplifting with beats that soothe the soul.

Jazz Junction Review: DOUG WEBB - TRIPLE PLAY - Positone Records

One can depend upon Mary Stallings to deliver a good album and yet with “Feelin' Good” she has recorded a quintessential jazz vocal outing. This release embodies all of the qualities that comprise a superior session. It's an album so steeped in jazz tradition and delivered with such consummate ease and style as to be irresistible.