Made in the Middle


On Made in the Middle, Emily Chen-Newton takes a trip through the history of the American Heartland to uncover how it's made our country what it is. 

Each episode details a unique person, place, or event that has left its mark on American culture.  These stories are truly remarkable, from an Omaha kid whose love of World War II aircraft led to an iconic automobile to the birth of popular science at the Transmississippi Exhibition.

Join us each month beginning this summer to learn a little more about just how American Mid-America is, on Made in the Middle!

Omaha Public Library

  If you google “science podcast”, you’ll get just about 1,010,000,000 results, including podcasts, instructional videos, science blogs, and peer reviewed journals.  We live in an age of free-flowing information with an incredibly curious public ready to ingest the constant feed of information.


Trailer for Made in the Middle

Jul 15, 2019