Made in the Middle


Made in the Middle, combines science and culture into a delightful hour-long conversation with Emily Chen-Newton as she takes a trip through the history of the American Heartland to uncover how it's made our country what it is.

With the help of experts, each episode details a unique person, place, or event that has left its mark on American culture.  These stories are truly remarkable, from the Omaha origins of Ouijas boards to the birth of popular science at the Transmississippi Exhibition.

Join us each month to learn a little more about how the Midwest has made America, on Made in the Middle!

The Ouija Board Episode

Oct 4, 2019
Courtesy of Gene Orlando and the Mueseum of Talking Boards . com

We explore the origins as well as the social, psychological and philosophical implications of the popular American “boardgame”, The Ouija Board. There is more than a Midwestern connection here, the entire United States has experienced Ouija crazes throughout history. To find out why, we talk to researchers, skeptics and believers. Expect science, history and culture in this month’s conversation.

Made in the Middle: That Sounds Good

Sep 6, 2019
Courtesy of The Durham Museum Photo Archives

In this month’s episode we explore the idea that the familiar American broadcast voice comes from the American Midwest. We take a walk through radio history, the innerworkings of the human ear and psychological influences on listening to find out how all of this has formed the American broadcast voice. Omaha native, Kurt Andersen, author and host of Public Radio’s Studio 360, joins us for the conversation.

Omaha Public Library

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Trailer for Made in the Middle

Jul 15, 2019