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Weekend Forum
The Last Saturday of the Month

Weekend Forum features leaders, academics, journalists, and other leaders and influencers from around Omaha and all over Nebraska speaking at the Omaha Press Club each month.  Presentations cover a wide range of community-related issues, from history and culture to social issues and policy.  

Episodes are produced in conjunction with the Omaha Press Club.

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Latest Episodes
  • THE OMAHA PRESS CLUBEDUCATIONAL FORUM SERIES PresentsBen Nelson and His New Book “Death of the Senate”Nebraska’s Ben Nelson, a former governor, served for two terms in the U.S. Senate as a democrat and a centrist who saw bipartisanship as a way to get things done. In his new book, Death of the Senate, Nelson is brutally honest in explaining how we lost it and with humor, insight, and firsthand details explains what needs to be done to get it back. The Senate today, he says, is one of division and rancor.Ben Nelson will talk about the death of the Sen- ate and answer your questions at an Omaha Press Club noon forum that will also include a book signing for those who are interested.Recorded on January 20th, 2022 at The Omaha Press Club
  • A presentation by Christon MacTaggart from Women's Fund of Omaha at The Omaha Press Club. 10/30/21
  • A presentation from Omaha Sports Commission CEO & Executive Director Josh Todd, recorded at the Omaha Press Club’s Noon Education Forum on Thursday, March…