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Made in the Middle: That Sounds Good

In this month’s episode we explore the idea that the familiar American broadcast voice comes from the American Midwest. We take a walk through radio history, the innerworkings of the human ear and psychological influences on listening to find out how all of this has formed the American broadcast voice. Omaha native, Kurt Andersen, author and host of Public Radio’s Studio 360, joins us for the conversation.

We would like to thank our special guest, author and host of Studio 360, Kurt Andersen. We also thank The Durham Museum for the archival photographs and Melonie Workhoven for the family photos and stories of her father.  Lastly, a big thank you to the professors and authors we interviewed for this episode: Dr. Shawn VanCour, Dr. Laura Huang, Dr. Dennis R. Preston and Dr. Mary M. Flaherty.

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