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A Country Doctor Cocktail

What do summertime cocktails, a Missouri doctor and parasitology have in common? They're all part of the history of malaria treatment. But in this episode, we not only talk about the history of treating this infectious disease, we also dive into the current research being developed in the heart of the Midwest today. We hear from two researchers at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and learn the ins and outs of malaria treatment in this episode made possible by a collaboration with the podcast, Innovation Overground.

We thank our Midwest co-host Dr. Michael Dixon of UneMed, Sarah Richardson of American History Magazine, and the State Historical Society of Missouri for the use of their photographs and historical documents on Dr. John Sappington. Thanks also to Dr. Jonathan Vennerstrom and Dr. Caroline Ng from the University of Nebraska Medical Center for sharing their research and time. Country Doctor libations were provided by Tyler Schaeffer of Ink Well bar in Omaha Nebraska.

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