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Grant Available to Promote Fishing in Hispanic Communities

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, in conjunction with the national Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation, is offering grant opportunities to promote fishing in Hispanic communities.  

Larry Pape is the Education Specialist for the Fisheries Division of the Game and Parks Commission.  He says they’re also hoping these grants help the Hispanic and Latino communities of Nebraska learn more about what the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has to offer:  

“Traditionally, we don’t do a lot to approach minority communities, so we are using this opportunity of this grant from the Foundation to introduce ourselves to the Hispanic communities and Latino communities of Nebraska.”

Pape says non-profits involved with Hispanic communities, such as after school programs, churches and Boy Scouts troops, would be prime candidates for one of these grants.  The deadline for submission is next Monday, October 31st, and help filling out the grant application is available if needed.  

For more information, the website is