Amplify Arts

A quilted map of the Arizona Sonoran Desert covered in 3200 orange and manila toe tags
Courtesy of Hostile Terrain 94 Nebraska

The Sonoran Desert is 100,000 square miles of punishing terrain stretching from Northwestern Mexico into Arizona and California. Since 1994, it has been the graveyard of thousands of migrants making their way to the United States. The exact number of casualties may never be known.

A large front window with a small sign in a bottom corner that reads "Generator Space."

An exhibition at Omaha’s Generator Space looks at the intersection of clothing, the internet and the environment. Amplify Arts’ latest show "@VIRAL_RE_COLLECTION" features works by three artists: Jenna Boyles, Erin Smego and Omaha-born fashion designer Kate Walz. Omaha Public Radio’s Courtney Bierman spoke to the exhibition’s curators, Abby Fogle and Esaú Betancourt.

Amplify Arts is hosting their 2nd annual Halloween fundraiser GRAVE 2 on October 18th.  The event will center around the Costume Clash (a costume contest).   The Costume Clash pairs a local artist with a community leader to collaborate and design the costume, and incorporates an online voting competition... with the winner announced at the event after a quick fashion show.  

Executive Director Andy Saladino, artist and Costume Clash participant Bart Vargas, and his Costume Clash team partner Shonna Dorsey join Mike Hogan for a special edition of "Live & Local" to discuss the mission of Amplify Arts, the name change (formerly known as Omaha Creative Institute), and the fun that can be expected at this fundraiser.

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