Brownville Concert Series

Guiding audiences through 100 years of music in just two hours, Jon Weber will intersperse each musical excerpt with insights and anecdotes that reveal a lifetime's worth of impassioned research.  He appears tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday at the Brownville Concert Series. 

Jon has hosted the NPR series “Piano Jazz” and is one of the most imaginative and gifted cabaret musical directors.  He has a deep understanding of how technology and the media have revolutionized the relationship between the musician and the audience.  He stopped by the KIOS-FM studios to chat with Mike Hogan "Live & Local" about his show and the great gift distinctly American music still is to the whole world.

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Vocalist Karen Oberlin & guitarist Sean Harkness have been working together now for years, and delve into the exquisite and varied Billy Strayhorn songbook that has been an ongoing passion of theirs, making this latest Brownville Concert Series offering inevitable.

While they play prominent Strayhorn standards like “Take the A Train,” “Lush Life” and “Something to Live For,” along with rare works written for the Ellington Orchestra, David Hajdu offers live, poignant readings and fascinating biographical information about Strayhorn from his award winning biography of the composer, "Lush Life."

Professor at Columbia University and Strayhorn biographer David Hajdu joins Mike Hogan "Live & Local" to discuss how he came to discover Strayhorn, what lead him to write the biography, and what one can expect to enjoy at the performances this weekend.

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