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Omaha Public Libraries To Gradually Reopen This Month

Sep 2, 2020

The City of Omaha is opening some of it's libraries.  The city says five branches across the city will open September 21st.  It comes after Douglas County and the state of Nebraska funneled 60-million dollars in federal CARES Act money to Omaha to cover budget shortages caused by COVID-19.  The city says it wants to open three more libraries on September 28th, with the remaining four coming at a later date. All 12 Omaha library branches have been closed since March.

The Douglas County board has abandoned a plan to spend $1.85 million in federal coronavirus relief funding to buy a mobile command center for the county sheriff’s office. Sheriff Tim Dunning withdrew his request for the RV-like truck because he said his office couldn’t find a manufacturer who could build and deliver one in 2020, when the federal aid must be spent. Officials had argued that the command center could have helped officials respond to the coronavirus outbreak by supporting mass vaccination efforts in the area.

Another $60 Million In CARES Act Money Goes To Omaha

Aug 26, 2020

The City of Omaha is getting more CARES Act money. The Douglas County Board will give the city 30-million dollars to cover COVID-19 related losses. Last week the state also gave Omaha 30-million dollars in CARES Act funding. The city says the combined 60 million dollars will close the budget gap caused by the pandemic.

OPD Avoids Budget Cut

Aug 19, 2020

The Omaha Police Department will not have its budget cut.  City Council members voted yesterday to turn down Council President Chris Jerram's proposed two-million-dollar cut to the police budget.  Under the proposal, the two-million-dollars would have gone towards mental health treatment, rehabilitation and employment services.  Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert says she would have vetoed the budget cut.


Council Bluffs is getting a financial boost as it improves its levee system. The eight-point-four-million-dollar Commerce Department Economic Development Administration grant will be used to upgrade the city's levees.  The federal grant will be matched by more than two-million-dollars in local investment.  


Hundreds of millions of dollars in street repairs are coming to Omaha.  Voters in Omaha approved measures during yesterday's primary election that will allow the city to issue 200-million-dollars in bonds for street repairs.  The bond issue will generate an additional 40-million-dollars-per-year for street repairs over the next five years.  The first road projects to be funded by the bonds are expected to start this summer.