douglas county sheriff

Douglas County Sheriff's Office Gets New Motorcycles

Aug 6, 2019

(Douglas County, NE)  --  Douglas County sheriff's deputies will have a new way to catch reckless motorcyclists this week.  The Omaha World-Herald reports the sheriff's office recently purchased two new BMW patrolling motorcycles intended to help catch speeding motorcycles.  The sheriff's office intends to buy two more bikes in the future.  The first batch of bikes will begin patrolling this week.

Motorcycle Crackdown

Aug 1, 2019

(Douglas County, NE)  --  The Douglas County Sheriff's Office is keeping an eye on reckless motorcycle riders.  Officials say deputies are cracking down on motorcyclists who are popping wheelies.  The sheriff's office says motorcyclists who ride only on their back tires pose a risk to other drivers who may not see their headlights.  Prosecutors say people convicted of willful reckless driving face up to 90 days in jail.