Gun control

Ricketts Calls Nebraska "2nd Amendment Sanctuary State"

Apr 15, 2021

(Lincoln, NE)  --  Governor Pete Ricketts is designating Nebraska as a "Second Amendment Sanctuary State."  He says the symbolic proclamation reaffirms Nebraska's support for the right to bear arms.  Ricketts' proclamation comes as more than 50 counties across the state passed resolutions supporting the Second Amendment.  

Some Nebraska lawmakers are expressing shock and outrage that gun owners were allowed to bring loaded, semi-automatic rifles into the state Capitol to protest bills that would have imposed new restrictions on gun ownership. Some lawmakers say they viewed the demonstration as an intimidation tactic during a contentious legislative hearing Friday afternoon that drew an estimated 400 protesters.

Lawmakers Consider Red Flag Bill

Feb 6, 2020

Nebraska lawmakers are considering a "red-flag" bill. The "Omaha World Herald" reports that the measure would allow authorities to temporarily seize guns from people suspected of being dangerous.  Supporters say the measure is designed to prevent violence against others and gun-related suicides. The legislature's Judiciary Committee advanced the bill yesterday on a five-to-two vote.

Gun Ordinance Approved

Oct 1, 2019

(Lincoln, NE)  --  Residents in Lincoln will have a limited time to report missing guns.  The Lincoln City Council voted yesterday to approve a gun ordinance that  requires people to report lost or stolen firearms to police within 48 hours.  Supporters of the ordinance say that gun ownership is a right, but that right comes with the responsibility of reporting stolen or lost firearms.

Lincoln Unveils Steps to Curb Gun Violence

Sep 27, 2019

(Lincoln, NE)  --  Lincoln Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird has announced measures to curb gun violence in Lincoln that won praise from both sides of the gun control debate.  The plans include more public education programs about gun safety and a gun lock giveaway to anyone applying for state handgun permits in Lancaster County.  A gun control group says another step the city council needs to consider is locking up firearms when stored in a home.

Stun guns will be allowed on Regents university and community college campuses after action Thursday by Governor Kim Reynolds.  She signed a measure into law that legalizes the possession of stun guns at schools like Iowa State University.  However, the weapons wouldn't be allowed at football stadiums in addition to hospital and clinic grounds.

Firearms Preemption Law Before Legislature Would Void Some Local Gun Laws

Mar 2, 2017

The Nebraska Legislature is considering a firearms preemption law this year for the second time.